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Tried And Tested Alternatives To WordPress As CMS Solutions

Undeniably WordPress is presently the most prevalent CMS for blogging as evinced by the fact that almost 30% of the websites all around the world are built on it.

30% sounds very low percentage, but if you will think of how many websites are there are in the world, it is a huge number.

Earlier, WordPress was started as a blogging platform, but with time, it has progressed as a full-fledged content management system (CMS).

At present, you can do numerous things on WordPress, like:

  •  Building an E-commerce portal.
  •  Creating a membership site.
  •   Assimilate forums …and so on.

But one of the leading web developments an designing company, Samba Vision, who has a full-fledged team of SEO experts also explains that it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on all the other CMS substitutes to WordPress, as they are correspondingly as good, and could be selected for your upcoming project.

So on behalf of all those who are flying the flag for less prevalent or well-known CMSs, here are few alternative to WordPress as CMS development solutions:

Joomla: It is one of the major rivals of WordPress.

Sounds like Oops right, the community for Joomla is pretty active and at present there are over 7,000 Joomla! Extensions. You can find an extension for just about whatever you want and there are lots of themes to select from.

The major stumbling block about Joomla! Is that you’ll need to pay for most plugins and themes.

Still it is a very good CMS.

Here is another very simple example, GetSimple is an XML based CMS that has a vivid user interface which is tremendously simple to use.


It’s pretty easy to install and modify, and even though it may not have all the types that huge companies require, it does more than adequate for the requirements of most SME companies.

There are many simple CMSs being released at the moment and while it is a busy market, I think GetSimple offers enough to stand out from the crowd.

Another possibility to WordPress

These are nearly 5 greatest alternatives to WordPress at the moment, but there we above only two are mentioned and but there are more to explore. It’s best to experiment and find which one works for you.