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Types of Affiliate Marketing Programs

Today, Affiliate marketing is in great demand and wherein you are being rewarded one or more affiliates for each visiting of the customer. None other than this technique will answer your question “how can i make money online”?This marketing technique is used by several websites for generating better revenue.

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There are millions of online affiliate networks available that provides unique offers for the merchant as well as affiliates and also each marketing has its own advantages and disadvantages. The mode of the payments is totally according to the way in which the merchant, as well as an affiliate, agrees.

Here are some of the types of the marketing schemes:

Pay per click

In this, some amount of money is paid by the merchant to you for every click thus it answers you how to make money on Clickbank.The commissions are totally based upon the number of a visitor visiting your website through the affiliate website. Usually, this method doesn’t generate the high amount to you, as the amount generated using this method is really less.

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Pay per lead

In this method, you are being paid when the visitor turns into a prospective buyer. The lead generated not always turns into a sale.

Pay per sale

This is considered the most common method of affiliate marketing. In this, you will be given a predetermined amount of commission on each sale of products and services made by the merchant. You are also given incentives and gifts in case you really do well in generating traffic towards merchant’s website.

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Flat fee system

This type includes both pay per sale and pays per lead. A predetermined amount is paid to you on per customer or per order. But this kind of affiliate marketing is not much popular as it doesn’t help in generating great revenues.

It is recommended by the marketing experts that if affiliates want a success in this field then they should invest some amount back of the revenue earned. This will make the affiliate grow faster in the industry.