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Selecting The Rental Tent According To Weather Conditions

Selecting the ideal rental tent and its accessories is the key to a successful special event. Of course, the event could be made special with things like army prop rentals, but a good tent has to be there in any case.

Size and appearance are the most obvious things to consider in tents but many other factors should be taken into account when weighing your options. Among the main factors is the weather.

Below are a few suggestions that could help you refine your selection based on weather conditions you may encounter.

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Hot summer days make guest relaxation a challenge in an outdoor setting. Increasing the side wall height will improve airflow and create a more spacious look. This becomes more significant as tent size increases.

Tent fabric constructed with a coating of black material will block a greater concentration of ultraviolet rays and assist in achieving lower temperatures in a tent during hot, sunny days. Avoid clear tops which will produce a greenhouse effect within your army tent rentals during warm days.

If you are expecting a significant probability of acute weather, a clear span tent might be your best alternative. Clearspan structures, when properly staked, are the most protected in high wind conditions. The flaps on such structures are also faster and easier to open, close and protected for changing conditions.


Whenever possible, inspect your site after rain to know the drainage problems you could face. Consider flooring choices in areas with poor drainage. Using canopies in paths to bathrooms and transport is also wise if rain is a possibility.

Plan to get a tent which will accommodate all of your guests if there’s absolutely not any alternative shelter in the event of inclement weather. You do not want to see your occasion diminished by a passing thunderstorm.

You cannot control the weather in your event but appropriate planning can help you manage through it comfortably.