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The Major Pros And Cons Of Buying Mobile Phone Insurance

If you have just signed up for a new mobile phone insurance deal or upgraded your handset, chances are mobile phone insurace provider tried to sell you insurance policy. But do you need it? This is a question you are sure to wrestle with when purchasing a new phone. There are both pros and cons of buying insurance plans. Some consumer finds that buying cell phone insurace is a great idea, while others see this as a waste of money.

You should consider buying mobile phone insurance if you have a lost stolen or broken phones or you have an expensive phone and you are locked under a long term contract. If you are the one who has trouble their phones safe, then phone insurance is right for you. Many companies such as Sfam provide mobile phone insurance offering rapid replacement service.

Mobile Phone Insurance
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In this article, we will discuss the major pros and cons of buying mobile phone insurance in great detail.

Pros of mobile phone insurance
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Pros of Mobile Phone Insurance

  • Affordable Smartphone Protection
  • Safeguard the costly phone accessories
  • Protection while stepping out of the country
  • Covers unauthorized Calls
  • Make safe various content on the mobile phone
  • Keep safe mobile phone’s screen and motherboard
  • Recover your precious data
  • Lock Mobile and Wipe Personal Information
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Cons of Buying Mobile Phone Insurance

  • Different types of policies confuse you
  • Costly monthly premiums
  • You may have to jump through hoops before your claim is honoured
  • Would not replace your phone with a new phone
  • Very high deductibles

Buying mobile phone insurance is right or not is totally depends on you and your lifestyle. There are some pros and cons of investing in Mobile Phone Insurace if you are enough to take care of our mobile and do not hold precious data, then there is no need to go for mobile insurance. But if you have children and pets, then you must adopt mobile phone insurance cover for your requirement. Check out here to learn more pros and cons before making any decision.